Sport and Peace

Our goal - to spread popular sports and promotion of healthy lifestyles as a universal tool in achieving peace, tolerance and mutual understanding in a society of conscious patriotic upbringing of healthy nation and integration into the world community.

Following the UN General Assembly of the United Nations 67/296 of 23 August 2013, we argue that sport is one of several factors in stanovenni peace, strengthen cooperation, solidarity, tolerance, mutual understanding and social inclusion, and promoting healthy lifestyle at national and international levels,

We focus on the considerable social role of sport in their service to humanity and peaceful society.

All of our projects - call support MIR, contribute in any way to an early resolution of armed conflicts, actively promote the consolidation of peace and engage in appropriate social projects.

Our principles:

We do not support any political party

We are not engaged in a gainful occupation

We do not give bribes

All information concerning our activities are open and available for anyone We are always honest and candid with ourselves and our partners sboyu