Event of the Year 2015

Peace and Sport Awards Gala
Created in 2008, the annual Peace and Sport Awards reward organizations and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to peace, dialogue and social stability in the world through sport.
From specific field programs to global initiatives, the winners have led projects that are symbolic of sport’s capacity to reconcile divided or opposed communities. They are an inspiration to other stakeholders for what sport can achieve on the global stage.
Criteria taken into account when selecting winning projects:
• Ability to promote the role of sport for peace
• Coherence between the mission and the environment in which it is implemented
• The project’s long term impact on the field
• Involvement of local communities (partnerships established with local actors)
• Sustainability and transferability of the projet

Award guide - Peace and Sport (Monaco) 2015.11.26

Відео оголошення переможця в номінації Even of the Year 2015.

Відео Peace and Sport 2015, як це було.

Photo from 8th Peace and Sport International Forum.