About Us

About Us

Our sincere thanks to the Europeans for overall support Ukraine in the pursuit of peace!

We seek peace and thank the Europeans for their support of the people of Ukraine. We chose running because we consider it a true symbol of peace, uniting millions of people, regardless of nationality, political or religious beliefs despite any borders.

16 585 km

42 european capitals

12 runners

Everyday 20 km on each runner

Start in Kiev March 21, 2015

Project Details

We believe that the Run for Peace will improve relations between Ukraine and the European Union and once again show that we - united. Together we w ill overcome all the difficulties.

Start day - 21 of march - the day of Association agreement signing.

Rout cover most of the european countries.

Non-stop relay most of the rout.

12 team members, each running 20 km a day.

Official meetings and sport events in a number of cities.

Everybody can join the team at any stage.

Praying for peace in importat rout points.

Together with europeans team write The book of peace.

Books of records

We plan to make several records during this event, among them:

the longest relay

sport event, which covers most countries

the fastest time to run the rout distance


Start and finish

march 21, 2015

Pray for peace in Michael's Cathedral in Kiev

march 21, 2015

Maydan Nezalezhnosti
Common start


Square in front of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican - a common prayer for peace